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i am llewellyn king, the host of "white house chronicle." nmórecently, a
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the future of oil supply and therefore of economic stability. he became towards the end of his life something of a survivalist. he talked about equipping his home. he was the second person to develop the theory of this. the first one was a gentle man back in the 1950's and 1960's. his view was something that went toward a catastrophe. when we peak, it will get more expensive, and gradually there will be adjustments made. at this time when the price of oil is falling, we are more concerned with the safety of oil rigs than we are with the supply of oil, it is hard to get upset. the price of oil is falling because of a lack of economic
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activity in the world. if we get a recovery, a major recovery, and india continues to grow, and china continues to use of oil in large quantities, these two could prove to be quite right. today i have for you wonderful panel of journalists, all themselves at their peak. we will be right back. >> "white house chronicle" is produced in collaboration with whut, howard university television. llewellyn king and co-host linda gasparello. [içyy >> hello again and thank yr coming along. i promise to agree panel. here it is. piñriacçóws?dñilinda gasparels program. welcome back after some days off in the summer.
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>> thank you. 8>> george, your tan did not coe out of a bottle. georges the host of "gw on the -running show on capitol hill. -running sho welcome bill a distinguished washington journalist and writer who is now, amazingly, leaving the for the state for what might be called the third estate, the state of the commons. he is running for congress as a republican. that was a surprise to me. you have a primary coming up in a couple of weeks. good luck. we will talk about this later and try to understand what
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drives you to this extraordinary undertaking for a journalist. i am soo glad to welcome to the broadcast hans nichols of bloomberg news. hans nichols, a distinguished white house correspondent. lovely to have you on the broadcast. linda gasparello, we have3 in washington. >> pretty extraordinary. kxu a large audience.y. we have yet another middle east peace talks led by the is this a rite of passage for barack obama, or is this serious? is it something new? is this mandela, or is this more ocf what has failed over the
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decades for more than 40 years? >> ihj#vñiñr time will tell. the timing was very much right for this meeting that we have between president obama and prime minister netanyahu of israel and president mahmoud abbas. something. if you don't, it leaves a vacuum that iran can exploit. this is a particularly horrible time because you have an uncertain government in iraq, you have got a restless hamas, you have uncertainty with the surge in afghanistan, a difficult mission for the iñib countries, jordan, saudi arabia, egypt pressing to get something done so the president looks like he is getting the palestinian-israeli issue moving, and i think you have got, right now, the old alliance. you have a boss and netanyahu.
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they are old enemies. they know each other. >>sj1z what people may not understand is this is always a discussion about realistic, isn't it? >> it absolutely is. precious real estate, special to two religions. very emotional realistic. wai went through the end of apartheid in south africa. it can be done. >> it does not mean something should not be done. now was the time to start doing it again. >> i hear whispers of the a single-state solution. this was considered quite crazy for a while. what do you think? >> from the white house perspective, they want to take it bit by bit. when they get reports about a single state, i think they think it is too far out in front. we had a series of meetings about a series of meetings.
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they want to get the schedule parties. this window, if it is open now -- >> there is a question about that window. >> they want to agree to have an agreement. >> what do you think the role of hillary clinton is here? i was impressed -- i don't know how many people noticed this -- when the president appeared in the rose garden with george mitchell, our negotiator, and with hillary, he went back into the white house, and he was affectionate. he put his arm on her. this is not something we associate with obama, demonstrations of affection. >> two years ago, they were making out that the democratic convention. >> it is not very genuine. >> these two get along very
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well. there is a great deal of communication and respect between the two of them. we would all be writing stories the other way if there were any sort of tension. they are getting along. with the exception of your key nine, seeing the affection -- >> it is on television, i expect. i call these things in the rose garden. there is flower power. there are so many little statements in the rose garden. >> i wish i could be more optimistic. it seems we have been down this road before. the beating takes place -- the meeting takes place, we schedule more meetings, and we have setbacks. i am cautiously optimistic. >> i think it will be very difficult. i would caution you that the two that i watched, one of south
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africa. it is said to me that mandela would have a historic agreement, i would have said, no, no. they never agree. they were basically discussing a two-eight situation. they were two uneven states. >> maybe it is that book abbas had as he was sitting there. he was called up -- balled up in a knot. >> netanyahu has gone to know lengths to endear himself. i was at a conference that a partly in jordan and israel. he was a hard line, all the way. the only person who stood up to him was an english politician, michael howard, who happens to be jewish.
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he actually tackled him. the americans tended to be like this. what do you think and what will you do when you get to congress about these issues? >> let's keep that in mystery. i was in moscow when the soviet union broke up. what you had was a 15-state solution. i think what the big question that maybe was raised in people's minds but was not talked about, hamas. how will you have a one-state solution that includes a party like hamas, that believes in the eradication of israel? this is a difficult obstacle to get around. the new wrinkles here, of course, is meetings every two weeks. the obama administration had to be involved in negotiations, yet appeared not be doing anything to get something started. it had to be involved. it does not want these two
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parties that are now involved to drift apart, and the suggestion there will be meetings every two weeks will continue for us. the mystery player is hamas. will they be involved, and to what extent? >> how much of a player will they be in the one-state solution? in a lot of people's minds, that means hamas at the top of it. >> most americans do not understand how small, geographically, these areas are, how small israel is, how small the west bank, and how minuscule gaza is. gaza is not mentioned at the moment. i saw this happen in south africa and northern ireland. northern ireland, i thought, eventually, fatigue would bring down the civil war.
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south africa, there was batik. maybe the soviet union collapsed from fatigue. south africa, people got sick of their own invention, the rhone monstrosity, the ghastly thing they created -- their own monstrosity, the ghastly thing they create. >> there is an imperative right now because of iran's interventionist stance. there's another thing at play. egypt has always been an important part of the peace negotiations. egypt is about to undergo an election. we really don't know what is going to happen. >> this is not a full and free election. >> may be the heir apparent will be tossed into the air. it is important to get this going down the road before we, against an election in egypt and before iran has a chance to whip
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up the state theory quite the thing that helped the soviet union disintegrate peacefully was the fact that at newsgroups that were hating each other, potentially in conflict, were far away from one another. in the case of israel, you have the plays about the size of delaware, and people cannot stand one another. >> likewise in south africa. there is an enormous amount of land. the issues our race, ethnicity, language, a whole bunch of difficult ones, but land is not one of them, except maybe the very best farmland is owned by the whites. i now have to introduce you all to our wonderful radio listeners. this program is broadcast at
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9:30 a.m. eastern time every week. i am llewellyn king and i am joined by linda gasparello, by george wilson of "gw on the hill," by bill thomas, a journalist aspiring to be a politician, and we wish him luck, we don't endorse him, but we wish unlock, and by hans nichols of bloomberg news. this program can be seen around the world on english-language programs, voice of america, and 300 stations here in the united states. the middle east is a thorny issue. bill, why would a nice, young fellow like yourself want to become a politician? why would you want to do this? i understand their republican -- a republican. >> i was an observer of the
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political process for a long time on capitol hill, covering washington in general, writing about it for over 25 years. i got to the point where i wanted to be a participant. i was driven to this by events of the last couple of years. i got tired of yelling at the television set.
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and call everybody in the district. >> why are there so many -- >> this is an interesting question. it annoys me. congress, conservative leadership. >> bill thomas, republican candidate for congress. i have an endorsement from tony dolan, the chief speech writer for reagan. i don't have any problem telling people what my beliefs are. >> you said some things about nancy pelosi.
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what will you do if you get there? >> hopefully, she will not be speaker. >> what are you going to be there? obama will still be president. >> nancy pelosi will be a member of congress. i hope she is not speaker. >> you are supposed to fix things. >> i am almost certain there will be a critical mass of conservatives and republicans in this next congress. number one is to slam the brakes on and turn the country around. i think -- tax cuts. the tax cuts expire, there are five tax brackets, all taxes will go up up to 4%. it is not just for the wealthy. >> how will we pay for them? >> you reduce the size of government.
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reduce government spending. >> what you do with the unemployed? it will throw a lot of people out of work. >> you institute a hiring freeze. you don't fire people. you let government get smaller. >> we have been talking about that. >> people talk about it. doing it is another thing. >> every single member of congress seems to be invested in the defense industry. as soon as you are elected, you will find a way over to lockheed martin. they will find a way to do. quite the defense industry is reducing itself. >> traditional wisdom holds that the republicans will pick up seats in the coming elections. what do they do after they get the seats? do they get back to where bush was?
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how do things change? what would be different? i think they will make substantial gains. >> you are looking at a different type of republican. i have met many republican candidates running for office at all levels. they are not what you would call typical republicans. they are economic conservatives. they are very with that. they are determined to do what is right for the country, like paul ryan, for example. he set the tone for what this new group of republicans is going to be like. people refer to his road map for america. i think you will see a new kind of republican. >> what do you think? we all sort of believe there will be this huge republican search. -- surge.
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what will happen when they face the realities? there are no road maps that seem to be believable? >> on the policy question, you have a lot of gridlock. you have a committee looking into what the administration is doing. at this point, i think if the house does tip, who was really hurt by this, it will be mitt romney, and the cast of 2012 characters, who will not like the fact that obama can triangulate the way bill clinton did in 1994. obama will have a strong reelection case and he can point to what republicans are offering. that is the way the white house looks at it. on the policy front, they will have to do something about the bush tax cuts that expired. do you extend them for the top two percent of earners -- 2% of earners? that will be the fault line. some other things, december 1
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has the report. you need a long-term plan. you have the series of other implementations with the supreme court no. do not forget the justices. i think we will spend a lot of time in 2011. finally, afghanistan. the deadlines are coming due. you will have to see if the mini-surge works. some of those things involved capitol hill. >> do you think obama is capable of triangulating? he does not have a dick morris. he is not a politician clinton is or was. i think people see obama as more is biologically driven, than clinton. can obama triangulate and take advantage of a republican? >> i tend to be with you on
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this. >> perhaps you will grab the things that he wants. obama pushed into action when he found he would not get his health care bill. if there is something he wants, he will do whatever it takes to actually get it passed. i think what is going to be interesting to see -- republicans are not monolithic. there are many types of republicans that will be elected. they will range from tea party republicans to moderate conservatives. they will need to get to know each other to get anything done among themselves. >> i will be interested in seeing -- republicans, democrats, people need to be put
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to work right away. it will be interesting to see how fast the -- the president works with republicans for massive job production. republicans typically don't like programs, but something has to be done. >> do you think people can be put to work? at one time, there was 22% structural unemployment. this was in the 1980's. one enormous government program after another, irish money, eu money, did not change until the economy took off because of computers. it had nothing to do with government programs. american computer companies discovered you could meld irish literacy with computer programming to enormously good effect. it changed everything.
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around the world, i have never seen government programs really produce. we expect governments to solve unemployment. our unemployment, which we are really upset about, and deservedly so, is not 22%. 9%, 10%. an awful lot of people are at work. things are not as that -- bad. perhaps the permanent problem is the stagnation of wages, which keeps us depressed. >> i agree with you. the government does not put people to work. the government does not create jobs. what we have to have -- we need a renaissance in private industry. we do that by giving businesses tax breaks and letting the business community know what is coming. let businesses do what they do best, create jobs. >> we have to look of the changing world and the reset.
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what do you think? >> i think there are other things at work that have nothing to do with government. they have to do with the fact that -- we are not as flexible work force as we used to be. we are tied to our houses. we are tied to our health insurance. not only that, but there are people who cannot take advantage of job opportunities because they cannot move. they cannot retrained for jobs that would take the mother places. they cannot leave for they are at. they are under water on their mortgages. maybe there has to be some kind of reset of mortgages. maybe we need shorter-term mortgages. maybe we need something that will get people -- >> i am going to stop this fascinating discussion now so we can get on with more
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fascinating high points and low points. >> i am not sure if this is a high or low. it is scary. they found bull sharks in the rivers in washington. i used to swim in the rivers in washington. the idea of meeting a bull shark is very scary. >> milo point would have to be the high unemployment particularly among african- americans. we're looking at 16%. i'm looking for something massive to happen to put people to work. >> my high point came recently at a town hall-style for rum in rockville, maryland people were talking about the constitution and thomas jefferson, and limited government. it was inspiring. you realize the system is not broken.
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you hear that it has been hijacked in the media. >> we are the media. >> it is not what you think. >> there is a literal hi point. not to channel vice-president by been too much, but the reporters on the north front of the lawn are elevated. we are on a giant platform. construction is being done. we get a little bit of a breeze. this time of year, it is quite nice. >> thank you. that is the one thing that was done at the white house for reporters that actually worked. that was our program for today. thank you for coming. we will see you next week. bill, we wish you luck, but we don't endorse you. cheers.
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>> "white house chronicle" is produced in collaboration with whut, howard university television. from washington, d.c., this has been "white house chronicle," with insight and a sense of humor, featuring llewellyn king, linda gasparello, and guests. this program can be seen on pbs stations and cable access channels. to view i
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